Study Description

    Role of sleep and study strategy on learning
    Study Description

    Project title: Optimizing Sleep and Learning Time to Unlock Learners’ Potential:
    Role of sleep and study strategy on learning

    Principal Investigator in charge: Joshua J. Gooley, Ph.D.
    Study contact:
    Location of study: Duke-NUS Medical School

    What is the purpose of the study?
    In this study, we hope to learn how sleep and study strategy influence memory.

    Who can take part in the study?
    Healthy NUS undergraduate students who are 18-25 years old, with a BMI in the range between 18.5 and 27 kg/m2 can take part in the study. You must be a non-smoker with no history of disease or chronic illness. To find out if you are eligible, we will ask you to fill out questionnaires that take about 30 minutes to complete. If you are eligible and willing to participate, you will be invited to take part in the research.

    How long is the study?
    Your involvement will be for a period of six weeks. After providing consent to take part in the study, you need to make 5 study visits to a classroom at NUS or Duke-NUS Medical School to take computer tests. The first 4 visits happen on consecutive Friday afternoons (Figure 1, blue bars). During each of the visits, you will spend about 60 to 120 minutes taking tests, including learning a set of vocabulary items. The fifth visit takes place 2 weeks later and consists of a memory test.

    What happens during the study?
    During each study visit, you will take a series of computer tests that assess your attention, memory, and ability to process information. Over the entire 6-week period, you will be asked to keep a sleep diary (bedtimes and wake-up times) and wear an actigraphy watch that looks and feels like an ordinary wrist-watch. If you miss any of the scheduled visits, you will no longer be eligible to take part in the study.

    Do I get reimbursed?
    Yes, you will receive $250 if you complete the screening procedures and all five study visits. In addition, the top 30 participants (based on your performance on week 4 and week 6) who complete the study, will be given $150. If you decide to quit the study early, there is no penalty and we will reimburse you for what you completed.

    Questions: Please direct any questions about the study to

    Posted on: 10/6/2018
Please email to for more information if you are interested in participating.
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